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Full Service Payroll Anywhere in the US

Business owners all over the world are always thinking about payroll. It is arguably the most important responsibility a business owner can have – paying employees, withholding tax money, paying taxes, quarterly and annual filings, and all the notices we get in the mail to go along with it. Not to mention the questions we ask ourselves – do we have enough cash for payroll? Do I have everyone’s hours logged? Didn’t someone need me to update their tax withholding, and another need to change bank accounts? When do I have to process by for direct deposits to clear?

Long Island Tax Resources takes payroll seriously. Our staff have spent decades processing payroll for companies of all sizes, in dozens of states across the US. We have the professional payroll experience every company needs – we know payroll from every angle and perspective. Having decades of experience as both internal company payroll administrators and as a third-party provider, our payroll services are completely customized for each client’s needs. Full-service payroll with Long Island Tax Resources comes at a price point that’s so competitive, other options just don’t make sense.

We only offer one package for payroll services – it’s all or nothing! When we say full-service payroll, we really mean it. To us, full-service means we do everything that needs to be done at every step and every part of the year, and we do it for one price.

How It Works

Together, we’ll determine the best method for communicating your pay hours, salaries, commissions, and bonuses. We can accommodate just about any way you work – whether you need a complete app and web-based timeclock system to track your employees’ hours and locations or just want to call in a dollar amount by phone, we’ve got you covered. Many options in between, and we’re happy to offer the most flexible option that suits your business need.

Need a little more attention during the onboarding process for new hires? We’ve got you covered – our payroll professionals are competent HR administrators, and we can handle many typical in-house tasks – from offer letter and health insurance enrollment to termination notices, we can make a big headache disappear forever.

Direct deposit and electronic pay stubs? Definitely – it’s our preferred way of getting your staff paid on time, every time. We understand employees all over the world live paycheck to paycheck and depend on their company to have accurate and timely payroll services on schedule, without interruption or delay.

1099 Contractors? We’ll take care of them too and help you pay your independent contractors electronically with payroll each pay period or as needed.

Our consultants are intent on one thing: providing great service that you trust, so you can get back to running your business the way you want.  We handle all tax matters and communication with the various government agencies. Long Island Tax Resources pays your taxes and files returns and forms 100% electronically, so there’s never a lost package in the mail or a late payment because we couldn’t get through by phone. Your W2 and 1099 filing has never been easier – just consider it done. On Time – Every Time.

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